We strive to create clean, healthy and welcoming environments.

Guy and Angela Stanton, owners of Quicksilver Cleaning, are personally involved with all projects, giving each project the attention it deserves.

Our cleaning approach does NOT involve simply putting staff on site and occasionally monitoring the property. Our approach is comprehensive and detailed and always involves our personal touch.

ONGOING CLEANING:  For projects that require ongoing cleaning, we are actively involved right from the beginning.  We start by personally cleaning with our staff in order to get hands-on, direct experience with the property and to fully understand the needs and requirements.

Based on our direct cleaning experience with the property, we develop site-specific cleaning approaches to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.  We personally train and supervise our staff so that they fully understand the cleaning needs of the property and are able to maintain standards.

We personally conduct quality assurance inspections to ensure standards are being met and to ensure we are adjusting to changing needs.  The end result is a clean and welcoming environment!

SHORT TERM CLEANING:  For short term projects such as construction cleans, we are directly involved with all the cleaning and supervision, and see the project through to the end.

We use flexible scheduling, open communication and specialized cleaning techniques to ensure the property is turned over in the best condition possible.  We aren't happy until the final product is stunning!